Kirby Hall of Civil Rights - Room 111


  • Ph.D. and M.A., University of Virginia
  • B.A. Bucknell University

Teaching interests: American government and politics, political institutions, political behavior, legislative politics, American presidency, political parties, research design

Research interests: American political institutions, legislative politics, ideological factions

Selected publications:

Kenneth S. Lowande, Jeffery A. Jenkins, and Andrew J. Clarke. 2017. “Presidential Particularism and US Trade Politics.” Political Science Research and Methods: 1–17

Andrew J. Clarke, Jeffery A. Jenkins, and Nathan W. Monroe. 2017. “From Rolls to Disappointments: Examining the Other Source of Majority Party Failure in Congress.” Political Research Quarterly 70(1): 82-97

Andrew J. Clarke, Jeffery A. Jenkins, and Kenneth S. Lowande. 2017. “Tariff Politics and Congressional Elections: Exploring the Cannon Thesis.” The Journal of Theoretical Politics 29(3): 382-414

Andrew J. Clarke and Kenneth S. Lowande. 2016. “Informal Consequences of Budget Institutions in the US Congress.” Legislative Studies Quarterly 41(4): 965-996