Lafayette’s EXCEL Scholars Program provides opportunities for select students to work as research assistants for faculty members. In the Government and Law Department, students have collaborated wtih faculty on a wide range of projects, conducting research on such things as the decision-making of Supreme Court Justices, ethnic conflict, U.S. foreign policy, the implementation of abortion law, and federalism.

Recent Excel Scholar Projects

Jason Pang ’10, Federalism in the Bush Administration and in Global Dialogue

Matthew Goldstein ’10, The Foreign Policy of George W. Bush

David Stamm ’08, Federalism in the Bush Administration

Dustin Antonello ’07, Ethnic Conflict in Developing Countries

Brandon Benjamin ’06, Federalism and Government Performance

Lori Weaver ’06, Brendan O’Regan ’06, and Allison Ligorano ’06, Decisions of Justice Antonin Scalia

Elizabeth Cassidy ’05, Combatting Domestic Violence in Central and Eastern Europe

Ben Wilmoth ’05, Domestic Violence Legislation in Post-Communist Europe

Noah Goldstein ’04, Foreign Policy of Ariel Sharon

Shannon Sullivan ’04, Constitutionality of Abstinence-Only Sex Education

Leanne Speitel ’02, Impact of Parental Consent Requirements for Abortion

More information on Lafayette’s EXCEL Scholars Program is available here.