The Minerva and Emil V. Novak Prize in Government and Law is awarded to a major(s) in the Department of Government and Law who has demonstrated overall excellence in academic work and citizenship in the campus community. Selection is made by the Department. This prize was established in 1964 by Mr. & Mrs. Novak’s daughter, Mrs. Edward B. Foote. Recipients of the prize receive a cash award and are recognized at the College’s annual Honors Convocation.

Junior and senior Government and Law majors who have a proven record of academic excellence will be contacted by the Department in the spring semester and invited to apply for the Prize. The Prize may be awarded to one or more students judged to be deserving of the honor.

Recent Novak Prize Recipients:

2023:  Kaitlyn Ahern, Dylan Gooding, Nathan Kornfeind, Charles Mirsky, and Ry Stratton

2022: Jack Hatzimemos, Kelly Mwaamba and Jillian Updegraff

2021:  Thalia Charles, Rachel Cox, Luisa Gunn and Carly Jones

2020:  Emily Boyle, Joslyn Brodfuehrer, and Mary Zimmerman

2019: Princess Adeyinka, Julia Dash, Reeve Lanigan, and Daniel Markovits

2018: Connor Burwell, Emma Sherry, Claire Swanson

2017: Katelyn Arnold, William Gordon, Sara Hayet, Kaitlin Kinsella

2016: Andrew Keck, Vanessa Milan, Dante Piccolo

2015: Alyssa Braver, Connor Heinlein, Kidane Kinney

2014: Ryan Monahan, Sara Yeganeh

2013: Alexandra Behette, Anna Eisentein, Jason Goldfarb, Kelly Senters

2012: Juliet Lodi, Madeline Laskoski

2011: Melissa Drennan, Nathan Kenison-Marvin

2010: Jason Pang, Zachary Romano

2009: Alexis Beveridge, Adam Pié, Sara Walter

2008: Kevin Farrell, Alex Naito, Michael Platt, Carolyn Romney

2007: Malorie Ferrick, David Myers, Katherine Okun, Amy Polizzano

2006: Teresa J. Cridge, Lori L. Weaver

2005: Laura J. Capotosto, Josie A. Dykstra, Sarah M. Hazel, John C. Stephenson, Benton M. Wilmoth

2004: Angela M. Guarino; Tessa L. Shambaugh; Devan J. Theiler

2003: Bethany A. Abele, Sarah A. Stocker